Hi, I'm Sagi, UI/UX designer & Co-Founder of Tapdog,
public speaker and founder of Pixel Perfect Magazine.

I craft visual interfaces, interactive user experiences and basically anything I can get my hands on.

I've worked with companies such as Ebay (freelance UI/UX) and
Fiverr (as Lead Design), and love working with awesome startups.

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A bit About me

I began kicking around pixels back in 2007.
For the past years I've been designing websites, applications, and visual identities for corporations and startups as well as being busy with a few projects of my own.
Besides being a pixel geek, I also wish to help promote and improve Israeli UI and UX design in general, so back in April 2011 I founded Pixel Perfect Magazine , which is now Israel's most popular digital design blog.
I also speak from time to time at design conferences.

Some of my shots from Dribbble

Introducing: Pixel Perfect Magazine

Pixel Perfect

 | Israel's most popular digital design magazine
On March 2011 I founded Pixel Perfect Magazine, which was the first ever Digital Design Blog in Israel. Now it's Israel's most popular design content source, providing inspiration & tools for designers and promoting talents in the Israeli design community.

Pixel Perfect Magazine delivers quality content for all Israeli digital designers: Inspiration , Freebies, News & Events, Interviews, and much more... All in Hebrew.
You can find Pixel Perfect Magazine on Facebook & on the big-bird (@pixelperfectmag)

Some of my earlier works (not under NDA)

Web Design for the Orthodox Union Web Design for the Orthodox Union Web Design for the Orthodox Union Wireframes

www.ouipa.org  |  Orthodox Union Public Affairs
Web Design for the Orthodox Union in New York.


 | Shakaroff, Web Design
Jewelry company located in Ramat Gan, Israel.


 | Noritamy Website Design & Development
Design house specializing in sculpture oriented jewelry.
I designed and developed the website using PHP. The concept was to design a clean, elegant, user friendly website, and to preserve the Noritamy visual identity.

Internship at Long Tall Sally

 | Internship at Long Tall Sally, London
The Summer of 2010 I got accepted to an internship at Long Tall Sally, UK for a period of 2 months as a web designer.
During that period I’ve designed marketing emails, concepts for different pages on their websites, and also done major design work on Long Tall Sally’s online social community (Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace). This includes designing and coding their official facebook page’s Welcome Tab.

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